Life Settlements: An Effective Tool for Longevity Planning

Many retirees are faced with a new reality: They may actually live longer than they had expected thanks to medical advances.

While living longer is good news for most, some worry whether their retirement savings will last for more years than they spent working.

Insurance and financial advisors are taking note of their clients’ angst. In some instances, advisors are recommending life settlements as part of the solution to help their clients leverage their financial resources for maximum impact over a longer period of time.

Read our article in California Broker to discover ways you can serve your clients’ best interests by recommending a life settlement to help with longevity planning.

Takeaways from this article:

  1. As a senior’s financial planning objectives shift from providing for others to providing for themselves, selling obsolete policies makes economic sense.
  2. 7 longevity-related challenges that are motivating seniors to sell policies.
  3. Life settlement brokers have a fiduciary duty by law to represent the policy seller. However, policy buyers (providers) are not held to any fiduciary standard.



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