We Provide an Immediate Turnaround Time

We pride ourselves in being prompt and responsive. Our goal is to provide you with the results within 24 hours from the time you complete the Pricing Analysis form. Once you complete the Pricing Analysis form below, we’ll do the following:

  1. We’ll determine whether you are a candidate for a life settlement.
  2. If you meet the initial screening criteria, we’ll calculate the potential value of your policy in the secondary market based on the number of providers (buyers) operating in your state.

Please note that there are a combination of factors that go into calculating the value of a life settlement. These factors include the age and health of the insured, the type of policy, the amount of the death benefit, cost of annual premiums, the rating of the life insurance carrier, the number of buyers operating in your state, the buyers’ purchasing guidelines, and other considerations.
If you do not meet the qualification factors at this time, that does not mean you will not be a candidate for a life settlement a year or two down the road.  As part of our services, we provide insight and consultation to advisors and their clients on situations that could easily change and what the likelihood would be of meeting the preliminary qualification factors at a future date.

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