If you are 65 or older, a life settlement may be the perfect solution for your unwanted policy. Get the facts! Our easy to understand 17-page brochure provides valuable insight on the following:

  1. Why Do Seniors Sell Their Policies?
  2. What Are the Qualification Factors?
  3. How Much of a Cash Settlement Can I Expect to Receive?
  4. How are Life Settlements Regulated?
  5. What is the Role of a Life Settlement Broker and Why do i need one?

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Recently, I had the good fortune to be introduced to Asset Life Settlements in the course of researching the sale of a large insurance policy. Scott Thomas, founder and principal of Asset Life Settlements, personally took the time to educate me on the specifics of the valuation process and the companies involved. He became engaged from the beginning, arguing for a higher valuation based on the nuances of my husband’s medical condition. The fee charged by Scott’s company was so reasonable it could not have covered the time and administrative expenses involved. Most importantly, the assurances Scott made to me as to the exact parameters of the life settlement transaction were rigorously adhered to and followed by him throughout. Scott’s level of professionalism is premier. He always took my calls or returned them promptly. Please allow me to be a reference if anyone requests one.
Mary E. Conneticut


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