Asset Life Settlements Publishes White Paper for Financial Advisors

Report reveals five advantages of adding life settlements to the practitioner’s client service offerings

Orlando, FL, Sept. 18, 2018 – Asset Life Settlements, LLC has released a new white paper targeted to financial and insurance advisors. The 17-page report showcases the revolutionary changes occurring in the financial services industry and illustrates five advantages of adding life settlements to the advisor’s client service offerings. The white paper is available free of charge at

As a backdrop for the publication of the white paper, company officials noted that the wealth management industry is undergoing major change forcing some practitioners to reinvent themselves. Accelerating advances in financial and insurance technologies (fintech and its subset insurtech), shifting regulatory initiatives, and changing attitudes and demands on the part of consumer investors are colliding to create a level of market disruption never before seen in the financial services industry. The white paper was created to help advisors navigate those challenges and stay relevant in accelerated times.

The following are excerpts from the report:

“From banking and lending, to wealth management and insurance, consumer investors recognize they have more choices today and are challenging the status quo. Those who lived through the 2008 financial crisis have emerged from that experience with a stronger set of preferences and expectations regarding reduced fees, the advisor’s fiduciary duty, and greater transparency. Some are turning to lower-fee robo-advice platforms. Others are simply demanding more from their professional advisors while expecting to pay less for it.

“In spite of the disruptors, financial advisors have an opportunity to reinvent themselves and future-proof their practices. By shifting the focus beyond disruption and onto the needs of customers, practitioners can strengthen their business models and enhance their revenues by delivering more value to clients. Embracing new service offerings and areas of expertise, including life settlements, is one way to achieve that.”

About Asset Life Settlements, LLC

Asset Life Settlements is a leading life settlement brokerage and secondary market advisory firm. Located in Orlando, FL, the company is dedicated to negotiating the highest market value for life insurance policies in order that senior policy owners can “sell with confidence.”  As a member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association, the company is committed to industry best practices and is authorized to do business in 46 states. For more information, call 855-768-9085 or visit