As one of the nation's leading life settlement brokers, Asset Life Settlements helps agents and their clients sell unwanted life insurance assets in the secondary market for the highest possible value.

Asset Life Settlements, LLC was founded in 2014 by Jeff Hallman and Scott Thomas ─ two of the industry’s most experienced life settlement brokers. In 2015, the founders appointed Graham Crouch, one of the nation’s most experienced life settlement executives, as C.O.O.  

With more than 50 years of combined expertise in the secondary market, the executive team and professional staff have successfully brokered more than $8 billion in policy face value.

The company is authorized/licensed to conduct business in 48 states and is committed to operating with transparency and integrity. As an active member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association, the company adheres to industry best practices and fulfills its fiduciary duty to policy sellers by negotiating with multiple buyers to generate the highest payout.

As increasing numbers of today’s baby boomers and seniors become aware of life settlements, they are turning to advisors and insurance professionals to guide them in leveraging the full asset value of their life insurance asset.

Some seniors may be seeking to sell a policy for an amount greater than the cash surrender value, while others are looking for ways to lower their premiums or reduce the death benefit.

When seniors turn to their advisors, their advisors turn to us – a life settlement broker they can count on.


How We Differ

1. Open-Ended Competitive Bidding Practices Ensure Highest Payout

Our strategic case building and open-ended bidding practices do not restrict potential buyers to automated or artificially imposed time deadlines when submitting their offers. Obtaining the highest possible offer can only be achieved through rigorous and unencumbered competitive bidding negotiations -- irrespective of the calendar date.

2. Maximum Comp for Agents and Advisors

We value our strategic partners and believe in offering a generous compensation split. We broker cases at a lower commission level so agents can receive the highest possible comp.

3. Expedient Preliminary Offers

We provide agents with a pre-pricing analysis on each client’s case within 24-48 hours.

4. Non-Binding Application Documents

Our application documents are non-binding and client-friendly. Although some life settlement companies require it, we do not use exclusive right-to-sell language in our agreements that limit sellers and buyers to working exclusively with us.

How Agents Benefit by Partnering with Us

  1. Expand client base by adding a new service offering (i.e. facilitating life settlements)
  2. Reduce policy lapse rates; Increase client satisfaction
  3. Create liquidity for clients to purchase other products or for new investments
  4. Engender client’s trust by facilitating an unexpected cash windfall from a dormant asset
  5. Receive a broker’s commission on Life Settlement transaction
  6. Earn a sales commission on new products sold to client

How Fiduciary Professionals Benefit

  1. Aligns with spirit of SEC Reg. BI for registered advisors regarding client’s best interests
  2. Helps estate attorneys fulfill their fiduciary duty regarding the client’s best interests
  3. Enables CPAs to comply with the “duty of care” standard
  4. Helps CFPs practice with the highest fiduciary standards
  5. Facilitates the SEC’s “Best Interest” rule and helps promote a culture of compliance for RIAs and broker-dealers firms

Why Work with Us

When it comes to choosing a life settlement broker, experience and integrity counts.
We look forward to earning your trust and to demonstrating our competence at maximizing settlement offers for policy sellers by minimizing the buyer’s profit margins. 


Delivering Unique Expertise to Professional Advisors and Value to Their Senior Clients

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