At Asset Life Settlements, we believe that by applying traditional values and the old-fashioned work ethic, success will come.

As a member of our team of life settlement specialists, you will have the opportunity to help leverage our brand equity and industry expertise to earn the trust of financial and insurance professionals, establish long-term B2B relationships, and contribute toward the company’s growth.

We invite you to explore the career possibilities that are open to you at one of the foremost life settlement companies in the U.S. In addition to a competitive compensative and benefits package, we offer a combination of placement opportunities, including inside sales as well as key positions in the field. Our current job openings are listed below.

Asset Life Settlements is a secondary market brokerage firm with a proven track record of success in the life settlement industry. Founders Jeff Hallman and Scott Thomas have nearly 40 years combined experience as life settlement brokers and have transacted more than $5 billion in policy face value. As an active member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association, the company is dedicated to obtaining the highest market value for unwanted life insurance policies. Located in Orlando, FL and authorized to do business in 46 states, Asset Life Settlements is compliance driven, committed to industry best practices, and dedicated to earning the trust of professional advisors and clients.

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