From case summaries detailing the advantages of selling a policy, to tips on how to choose the right life settlement broker, our blog articles provide the answers you need. 
You’ll discover how many seniors have been freed from costly premium payments for policies they no longer wanted, and how other seniors enhanced their lifestyle by untapping the liquidity of a cash asset they did not know existed. For financial advisors, our blog articles are excellent instructional tools, especially for those new to handling life settlement transactions for clients.

Future-Proof Your Practice with Life Settlements

Why It Makes Sense for Today’s Advisors. If you’re like many other insurance or financial advisors, you’re well aware of the fact that famous brand names such as Paine Webber, Blockbuster, Arthur Andersen, Toys-R-Us, Borders, TWA and MCI WorldCom no longer exist. And while we may scratch our heads in disbelief, there’s a reason why 88 percent of the ...READ MORE

Secondary Market for Life Insurance Gains Momentum

Studies Show Many Advisors and Senior Policy Owners Still Unaware of Their Options. According to the results of a study released in early June by The Deal publishing company, the secondary market for life insurance grew by 19 percent in 2017 and is predicted to continue on its upward trend. The study found that the total face amount of policies...READ MORE

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