Agents are in an excellent position to evaluate their book of business and seek opportunities where a life settlement may make sense for a client. Over time, a client’s needs may change. Key man insurance may no longer be needed for business due to a retirement or changes in the company structure. An agent may be able to use life settlement proceeds for replacement coverage that fits the client’s current needs better than the client’s current product. Term policies may be sold to eliminate future premiums and recoup previous premiums paid. Have the premiums become too burdensome for the client? Any agent with a client about to lapse or surrender a policy should consider a life settlement. Life settlements offer the opportunity to turn an asset that is no longer needed into financial liquidity. Contact us today to discuss your client’s situation and see if a life settlement makes sense. CPAs


CPAs find themselves in a unique position to advise their client of the benefits offered by a Life Settlement. If you are presently representing elderly clients who acquired insurance policies granted three years ago or more, odds are you are able to save your customer money by utilizing the cash of a Life Settlement on the original insurance policy, to invest in a new policy with the same insurance coverage – perhaps even remove the annual premium payments completely . It is essential that CPAs recognize the importance of a Life Settlement and what it can offer when it comes to supporting their elderly clients with estate planning options that strengthen the senior’s financial portfolio. You may be wondering exactly how a Life Settlement can offer financial empowerment ? In combination with providing an exit strategy from a far more costly policy, Life Settlements could also provide the solution to additional financial planning goals.


Since a Life Settlement offers the customer another option to manage their investments, attorneys should get acquainted with Life Settlements and the options it provides to their clients. As a Life Settlement transaction eliminates the life insurance benefit from the actual beneficiary’s assets, the attorney should assess the probate together with the estate factors caused by the transaction. Not only will attorneys be advised to do research since they will be referring the Life Settlements investment decision strategy to their customer as an assets planning tool, but they will also be anticipated to conduct research on the agents and agencies managing the Life Insurance Settlement transaction . Despite the fact that initiatives to regulate Life Settlements are developing recognition across the country, it is clear that a number of states are just slightly engaged and some would rather have the industry continually monitor itself .


If you are the trustee for a life insurance plan which is under-performing or perhaps is becoming complicated to manage, a life settlement can potentially provide a feasible exit plan that you might give consideration to, instead of allowing the policy to expire or even continuing to pay out monthly premiums. Below are some suggestions to consider while you evaluate your customer’s finances and also evaluate if a life settlement is a possible alternative:

• Conduct research by analyzing the current market for a respected life settlement agent / broker who is actually endorsed by eligible funders.

• Complete an analysis of your client’s possibility for a life settlement by considering your client’s individual scenario ( age, health status, insurance policy costs, etc. ) with a professional broker.

• Proceed with the highest market value for the seller by seeking numerous offers from the life settlement specialist.

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